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The Plaguecast
Negative sounds for negative times.
Category: Music
Location: Houston, TX
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by Skincarver
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October 16, 2016 03:22 PM PDT

Show notes:

Jess And The Ancient Ones "13th Breath Of The Zodiac" 7" version (S/T - 2011 - Svart)
Vpaahsalbrox "Swallow The Wound" (14 Sovereign - 2016 - Pale Horse)
Hetroertzen "Blood For The Egregore" (Capax Infiniti split w/Dødsengel - 2013 - Lamech)
Tusmørke "Ekebergkongen" (Ført Bak Lyset - 2016 - Svart)
Katharsis "Eucharistick Funereall." (Fourth Reich - 2009 - Ajna/Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
By The Spirits "Serpent's Light" (S/T - 2016 - Bandcamp)
LvxCælis "A Port To The Sky" (The Watchers - 2015 - Lamech)
Romannis Mötte "Dark Matter" (Kozmische - 2013 - Bandcamp)
Cultes Des Ghoules "Stregoica Dance" (Häxan - 2008 - Of Crawling Shadows Records)
All You Sisters "Black God" (Uncomfortable Skin - 2016 - Flenser)
Mehemet "Caput Mortem" (Dii Inferi - 2014 - Bandcamp)
Urfaust "Voodoo Dust" (S/T - 2016 - Ván)

Intro/background from "Supplication" by Akhlys....

October 26, 2014 01:46 PM PDT

Vincent Price "To Raise The Dead" (Tales of Witches, Ghosts and Goblins : Caedom Records)
Lamia Vox "Witches Night" (Sigillum Diabol : Cyclic Law)
Sutekh Hexen & Andrew Liles "We Once Walked Upon These Coals" (Breed In Me The Darkness : Pesanta Urfolk)
Mark Wilkinson "Children Into Church" (Blood On Satan's Claw OST : Trunk Records)
Danzig "Angel Blake" (777 I Luciferi : Spitfire Records)
Magic Circle "Magic Circle / Cloven In Two" (Magic Circle : Armageddon Shop)
Magnet & Paul Giovanni "Procession" (The Wicker Man OST : Trunk Records)
Night Sins "Evangeline" (To London Or The Lake : Avant!)
Black Moon Halo "Invokation" (Shadow Rituals For Black Druids : Occult Supremacy)
Of The Wand & The Moon "Lucifer" (Lucifer : Euphonious Records)
Michael Idehall "Spiderwoman" (Deep Code : Beläten)
Popol Vuh "Bruder Des Schattens" (Nosferatu : Belle Antique)
Reverorum Ib Malacht "Bre'shith De Mysteriis Dom Christi" (De Mysteriis Dom Christi : The Ajna Offensive)
Sisters Of Mercy "Lucretia My Reflection" (Floodland : Elektra)
Trepaneringsritualen "A Black Egg" & "A Ceaseless Howling" (Perfection & Permanence : Coldspring)
Vincent Price "Sweden" (Tales of Witches, Ghosts and Goblins : Caedom Records)
Blood Axis "The Ride" (Ultimacy : Storm)
Pharmakon "Pitted" (Abandon : Sacred Bones Records)
Magnet & Paul Giovanni "Appointment With The Wicker Man" (The Wicker Man OST : Trunk Records)
Electric Wizard "Dunwich" (Witchcult Today : Rise Above Records)
Coven "The White Witch Of Rose Hall" (Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls : Nevoc Musick)
Three Winters "Atrocities" (Atrocities : Beläten)
Lebanon Hanover "Gallowdance" (Gallowdance EP : aufnahme + wiedergabe)

November 06, 2011 08:12 AM PST
itunes pic

Intro (5 Little Pumpkins) : my daughter Isabelle
Lustmord : Ash [Other] CD
Blood Axis : The Ride Ultimacy CD
Ten Horns Proud : Time I Dig My Grave Demo 2011
Spear Of Longinus : I Am War Domni Satnasi CD
Sabbath Assembly : The Time Of Abaddon Restored To One CD
Roto Visage : Window Well Forthcoming
Art Abscons : Ester Lester October 31st 7"
Tones On Tail : Movement Of Fear Pop CD
Age Of Tarus : Unborn Destroyer In The Days Of The Taurean Empire demo
Godflesh : Christbait Rising Streetcleaner CD
Saturnalia Temple : Aion Of Drakon Aion Of Drakon CD
The Louvin Brothers : Knoxville Girl Tragic Songs Of Life CD
Endura : The Left Hand Of The Dead Black Eden CD
Dissection : Elizabeth Bathori Nordic Metal: A Tribute To Euronymous CD
Christian Death : Deathwish Only Theatre Of Pain CD
Dax Riggs : Didn't Know Yet What I'd Know When I Was Bleedin' We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love CD
Chuck Cirino : The Shining (Dies Irae) The Shining Soundtrack CD
Andrew King : The Three Ravens Deus Ignotus CD
Amebix : Axeman Arise! CD
Vrolok : Ghosts Of Winter Mourning Soul Amputation CD
Samhain : Horror Biz Initium CD

June 09, 2011 08:30 PM PDT

Welter In Thy Blood : To Bind With Nine Fold Chain (Through The Feilds of Mourning CD)
Encoffination : Eucharist of Bone And Flame (Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh CD)
Hell : Tyranno (I LP)
Der Blutharsch & Deutsch Nepal : Untitled (Apöcalyptic Climäx 2)
S.P.K. - Israel (Leichenschrei CD)
OBJEKT/URIAN : Anneliese M. (Agitation CD)
Avsky : The Beyond (Scorn CD)
Morbus 666 : Possessed by the Glory of Lucifer (Mortuus Cultus CD)
Necros Christos : Necromantique Nun (Doom Of The Occult CD)
Necros Christos : Gate II (Doom Of The Occult CD)
Birch Book : Zephyr Through Willows (Vol. II - Fortune & Folly CD)
:novemthree: : Cloister Garden ("From These Ashes.." 7")
Owls : God Is Right (The Night Stays CD)
Neurosis & Jarboe : Within (S/T CD)
RU-486 : Glasses (Concealed Weaponry 2005-2010 cassette)
Ke/Hil : Ephedrin (Hellstation LP)
Luftwaffe : Ere I Perish (Ere I Perish CD)
Hawkwind : The Watcher (Doremi Fasol Latido CD)
Bain Wolfkind : Pimp Stick (Music For Lovers And Gangsters CD)
Mourne : Force (Untold Wait CD)
Funerary Call : Equestrian Seals (Dark Waters Stirred CD)
ohGr : screwMe (Undeveloped CD)

See complete info here.

November 28, 2010 07:41 AM PST

Coil : Red Birds Will Fly Out Of The East And Destroy Paris In A Night [excerpt] (Musick To Play In The Dark CD)
Sewer Goddess : Kathleen Marie Bechtel (Verdigris 7")
Habeeb : excerpt from Side A of the Corpsegrinder cassette
Encoffination : Decayed Upon the Tomb of the World (Temples Descend Below the Earth 7")
War Master : Thrones Of Tyranny (Thrones of Tyranny 7")
Andrew King & Brown Sierra : The Bold Princess Royal [Stolen Version] (The Kraken 12")
Àrnica : Asedio (Numancia CD)
Fräkmündt : S'nachtet Y (Uufwärts E d'Föuse... CD)
Church ov Melkarth : Conjuration To Lucifer (The Sermon ov Steel CD)
Halo Manash : Crossing - Over - Wings Rise Radiant (Taiwaskivi CD)
Bereft : Cymru Am Byth (Chlanna Nan Con Thigibh Aso's Gheibh Sibh Feoil cassette)
The Vomit Arsonist : Patience [excerpt] (Patience / Violence cassette)
Sargeist : Twilight Breath Of Satan (Let The Devil In CD)

January 17, 2010 07:27 PM PST

Grunt - Valkoinen Voima
Streicher - Juda Verrecke
Organized Resistance - Where Do You Stand
Spear Of Longinus - N.W.O.
Absurd - Mourning Soul
Goatmoon - Storming Through Whitelight Part 1
Green Army Fraction - Democracy
Deathkey - Versus Malum
Brethren - We Have Come To Purify
Xenophobic Ejaculation - Raise Your Right Arm
Sturmführer - Das Bunker (excerpt)
Landser - Klansong
Survival Unit - Thank God For White Riders
Genocide Organ - Klan Kountry

September 11, 2009 04:50 PM PDT

Pain Nail - Untitled [Hengellisiä Lauluja]
Brethren - Semtic Sermon [Kingdom Coming]
Anenzephalia - Daymare [Projected Void]
MZ.412 - Untitled [Legion Ultra]
Incursus - Daemonkult [S/T]
Blaspherian - Of Unholy Blood [Behold: The Endless Glory of Baphomet]
Loss - An Ill Body Seats My Sinking Site [Worship / Loss]
Angel Of Decay - Part 1 [Radio Brain Damage]
Blood Axis - Walked In Line [Walked In Line / Ernting]
Changes - Icarus [Twilight]
Solblot - Åkallan & Löfte [Sommarsång & Soluppgång]
Nebelung - Reigen [Reigen]
Mania - Untitled [Untitled]
Blood Ov Thee Christ - Blood In [Blood In Blood Out]

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